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Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Polaris Balance Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Bolingbrook illinois 60440

Our Physical Therapists are trained to assess and treat balance and equilibrium problems to help patients improve stability when standing and walking, regain control of movement, and reduce the risk of falls. We provide individualized programs to increase patients' confidence and regain a safe and active lifestyle. This program can also be provided in a home care setting, however, we recommend that continued vestibular rehabilitation be done in our out-patient clinic for full access to our facility equipment.

Vestibular Evaluation includes:

  • Handicap Scales
  • Balance Function
    • Sensory Organization Performance Test
    • Berg, Tinetti, Dynamic Gait Tests
  • Vertebral Artery Test
  • Cervical Vertigo Test
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Provoked Vertigo Test
  • BPPV- Positioning Test

Physical Evaluation includes:

  • Strength Testing
  • Sensation and Proprioception Testing
  • Visual System Assessment
  • Gait Assessment
  • Posture Assessment
  • Thorough Footwear Assessment/ Pedorthic Assessment
  • Assessment of any Orthopedic and Neurological Issues

Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Protocols:

  • Canalith Repositioning and Liberatory Maneuvers
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
    • Self-directed
    • Clinician directed: Adaptation - Gaze Stabilization and Habituation Substitution
  • Gait/ Balance Retraining
  • Lower Extremity Strengthening
  • Fall Prevention/ Recovery

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