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Shoe Modifications

Shoe modifications are used to provide stability and safety during standing and ambulation, support weak foot and ankle muscles, and encourage a more normal gait pattern. We keep in mind the patient goals, clinical presentation, other medical problems especially conditions affecting balance when we assess for the need for shoe modifications. Shoe modifications are also used to provide relief for healing foot ulcers.

Heel and sole lift Heel and sole lifts are used for leg length discrepancies and/or ankle equinus deformity. Heights over 3/4 of an inch have an automatic heel and sole rocker for heel shock absorbency and toe off.

Rocker Bottom Sole Rocker bottom soles are used for relieving ankle motion, forefoot stress, hallux rigidus, hallux limitus, and other foot diagnoses that may limit mobility of the foot.

Medial Arch Fill or Medial Stabilizers Medial arch fill or Medial Stabilizers provide medial stability and can be used for severe pes planus, tibial tendon insufficiency and other foot diagnoses that may require additional medial stability.

I – Post Rocker This is recommended for patients with severe midfoot ulcerations. Suggested angle is 15° to 35° dorsal flexion with PPT or poron plug at ulceration point. This is often used short term around 4 to 6 weeks or depending on physician recommendation.

Toe Skater Toe skaters are recommended for patients with foot drop. This can be worn with or without ankle foot orthoses. This prevents tripping or toe catching on even surfaces. This allows patients' toes to slide over various surface conditions. Other shoe modifications are available such as shoe re-lasting, lateral stabilizers, heel flares, and metatarsal bars.

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