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What Separates Us

providing the highest quality physical therapy, Orthotic, pedorthic care for our patients in Bolingbrook IL, Lisle il, Downers Grove IL, and Woodridge Illinois

It is our mission to pursue the health and well-being of our patients by providing the highest quality physical therapy, orthotic, and pedorthic care through effective problem-solving and goal directed treatment in a safe and effective manner for quick recovery of function and pain reduction. We provide excellent patient service and value the needs, wants, and perspectives of our patients.

What separates us:

  • Our lead therapist has a comprehensive knowledge on physical therapy, orthotics, and pedorthics enabling her to provide a more thorough biomechanical assessment of the patient, provide a goal directed treatment, and produce a better functional outcome.
  • We provide the highest quality care through effective problem-solving and well directed treatment to restore movement, eliminate pain, and increase strength and flexibility.
  • We provide personalized, one-on-one care addressing the unique physical needs of each patient.
  • We focus on patient education and prevention of re-injury.
  • We enhance patient confidence and abilities.
  • We strongly encourage patient participation in the recovery process.
  • We work with patients to achieve the highest functional goal possible.

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